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  • Jul. 3rd, 2010 at 3:11 AM
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  • 00:58:03: RT @IAM_SHAKESPEARE: Alas, I am a woman, friendless, hopeless!
  • 01:21:51: This dude's book is called "My Empire of Dirt." Well, now that song will never leave my head.
  • 01:22:12: Now he's saying farmers hurt themselves a lot. Just to see if they still feel? #ikillme
  • 02:56:36: I can't pin down a definite time for #DarWilliams at #Summerfest. 5:30, 7:30? 8? All the websites disagree.
  • 03:05:11: hey, what do you love more than love?
  • 17:18:00: About to see Eclipse at Mayfair. I'm on Team Jessica, I think.
  • 17:19:39: Not that I think Bella should get with her, just that she's the best part of all the movies. Along with Jasper's face.
  • 17:20:02: Team Jasper's Face!
  • 22:27:58: My verdict on #Eclipse because I know everyone cares: fun times!
  • 22:28:26: I still hate Jacob's whole "I am convinced that you want me" deal, and Edward's "I will disable your car in order to control you" deal
  • 22:28:38: But in general the annoying parts of the book are less prominent and the rest of it is pretty well-done.
  • 22:29:47: @joshjs :(
  • 22:32:45: Also, Charlie not APPROVING of Jacob's forcing himself on Bella makes a big difference to me. #Eclipse
  • 22:39:41: Since when did Carlisle have a British accent, though? He picks it up like halfway through the movie. It's weird. #Eclipse
  • 22:42:09: Basically I agree with everything @Cleolinda says. #Eclipse
  • 22:42:41: The Stereotypical Indian Tribe flashbacks were a little much.
  • 22:46:46: Perpetually Shirtless Werewolves are still hilarious. Except Leah, who must go through a lot of shirts.
  • 22:47:44: That ring was really, REALLY ugly.
  • 22:48:05: "I am hotter than you." #Eclipse
  • 22:48:40: Bree Tanner was interesting.
  • 22:49:07: When Bella was like "Imprinting, do I even want to know what that is?" I was like NO. YOU REALLY, REALLY DON'T. #Eclipse
  • 22:49:23: But they kept the toddler bullshit out of it. Don't know how they're going to explain the... THING... that happens later, though.
  • 22:51:36: Oh, I almost forgot: WHY ARE VAMPIRES MADE OF GLASS? When did this happen? #Eclipse
  • 23:41:07: Jacob needs to shave. #Eclipse
  • 23:46:44: Poor Merlin has to act like he's not sad his dad just died :( :( #Merlin
  • 23:49:57: They shouldn't have changed Victorias. #Eclipse

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