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So I appear to be sick? Hmm. I have the head-fuzz and the chills and the sore throat and the sneeze. What's weird is I'm not as worried about being sick as I am about the psychological ramifications. I am trying to not let anyone make me feel guilty for staying home or resting, because I am SICK. Not only do I think my health is important, but I also think it's irresponsible of me to go to work when I could make other people sick. Not everyone is healthy enough that they can afford to get a cold or flu virus, and I have paid sick days, so damn it, I am going to USE them if I am sick.

(This is a sore point for me, because my workplace has doubted that I'm REALLY sick before when I've called in. I always want to tell them that (a) I am already sick, please don't make me feel guilty for being sick, and (b) there are ways to be sick that don't involve deathly illness--like being too depressed to go to work or having a really bad chronic pain day. It is not up to you whether or not I am too sick to work.) (I know there's this tendency among Our Society to be like, "it's just a cold, tough it out, go to work." I WORK WITH THE PUBLIC. If it were an office job where I just worked by myself all day, things might be different. But what's "just a cold" to me might be a huge deal to someone with a compromised immune system.)


I have no Christmas CHEER this year. (Sorry Maureen Johnson!) I just don't care. Lights, tree, whatever. Maybe I'll get some enthusiasm later but right now I am decidedly "meh." I feel like this is maybe connected to my disillusionment with other things I used to find enchanting, like romantic relationships, earlier this year. I broke something in my mind that was connected to those things. Like, the feeling of fairy tales being true, or something. I no longer believe in the fairy tale of romance or the fairy tale of Christmas? I DON'T KNOW I AM AN UNFEELING ROBOT.

When was the last time I updated? I did end up trading in my kinda crappy new phone for a spiffy Android phone. I feel kind of guilty and first-worldy about it, because now I have this fancy expensive toy, basically, when I'm broke as hell and shouldn't really be buying fancy toys. But, I kinda love it. So.

I had narrowed it down to the MyTouch 3G Slide or the G2, based on recommendations from you guys and CNet reviews (and my need for a KEYBOARD). (There were cheaper keyboard phones, but they didn't get great reviews.) After reading every review ever, I decided I'd be equally happy with either, so price was the deciding factor. The MyTouch was cheaper, so it won. I got it in SHINY RED.

It's not the best phone or even one of the top-five Android phones out there, but it is pretty awesome. It has Android 2.1 and an update to 2.2 has been promised for months & months, but nobody knows whether that will actually happen. At the moment I do not care because it is SHINY. The only big downside is it doesn't have much storage space, so you can only download a certain number of apps before you run out of space, and it doesn't let you transfer apps to an external memory card.

It's got a few little bugs and such but nothing huge yet. I'm hoping it'll last me the two years before the next upgrade. I don't care if it's behind the technological times by then (hell, it's behind them NOW), as long as it still works.

I didn't realize when I got it how actually useful and un-toylike it would end up being. It syncs with Google Calendar, so now I have my schedule with me everywhere, which is wonderful especially for my ADHD, forgetful self. There's a app so I can keep track of how much money I have WHILE I am out buying things. There's a to-do list app (several actually) and weather apps and Google Maps. TECHNOLOGY~~~

So, yeah. I am generally grumpy with the world right now. Go away. Bah humbug, haters to the left, ease up you're killing me, etc.

(Not you, internets. You can stay.)

a boring post about phones

  • Nov. 28th, 2010 at 5:06 PM
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So I got a new phone, and I'm not sure whether I should keep it or send it back.
first world problems )
In other news, I really love oatmeal. Like, more than you know.

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