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Sigh. I missed the wedding ceremony. I felt so stupid, because I'm always late for everything but not usually THIS late, but everything just kept going wrong. I really should have started getting ready much earlier, but then the kittens didn't want to take their medication and kept hiding from me, and then I forgot the present and had to go back, and THEN when I finally got to the park, I couldn't find the wedding. There was no sign saying "wedding" or anything so I walked up and down the road, first in high heels and then in my bare feet, which wasn't really better because the asphalt was broiling hot. When I finally found them, it was over.

I felt really bad and went and hid in the basement of the building for a while, because I couldn't bear facing everybody and putting on a happy face, since I had just missed two of my favorite people getting married. But of course there were a lot of people I knew there and they kept coming up to me and asking what was wrong. (Nic: "You're here for the celebration, that's what's important." Art: "Don't worry, you're supposed to cry at weddings.") Benny was there and he talked to me about cats and I showed him kitten photos, and that helped me calm down enough that I could go out and join the reception.

The food was Middle Eastern, which I really appreciated because that meant I could eat a lot of it (no dairy). I had delicious rice/lentil mix and delicious chicken shish kebab. There was soft classical music playing throughout the dinner, but then at some point it changed to dance music. I wasn't sure whether we were allowed to dance or not since I thought the bride and groom had to do a first dance, but I asked Nathan and he said no, go dance. The wedding in general was like that--very laid back. What I saw of it anyway. :P

My feet were still in blistered agony from the walk, but I danced a lot anyway. Some of N&B's friends knew how to swing dance and other social dances, which is like Christmas for me, so I danced with one of them. He tried to teach me foxtrot and I sucked, and then we did a waltz which was a little better. I wanted to do East Coast with him but there were no more swing songs after that.

There was also less-formal dancing with adorable children. Kate's niece, Rose, was a really awesome dancer, making up her own moves and generally being fearless. Nathan's nieces were also there, as well as Kate's little cousin Lola (who will soon have twin siblings!), and everyone danced and had an awesome time. Kate's nephew Dillon sat there reading a book. They have raised him well.

A bunch of my parents' friends were there (Nathan's parents and my parents were friends since before we were born), so I had to do the whole "I'm still working at Shorewood library, my life is boring" thing a bunch of times, but now I can add "also I foster kittens from the Humane Society," so that was nice. Better than telling everyone I dropped out of grad school, anyway.

Nathan and Bridget finally did dance, to the Dixie Chicks' "Lullaby," which is a really sweet song, and they looked so happy. ♥.

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