goodbye Sparrows

  • Jan. 22nd, 2011 at 3:25 AM
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Well, Charlie and Amelia left on Wednesday, and went up for adoption on Friday morning. I didn't even get a chance to see them on the website--when I called around noon, the woman who answered the phone said they had been the first ones to go that day! (Not surprised, since they're such cuties and it's not kitten season.)

She said they didn't go together, but that they went to two "wonderful" families, so that was heartening. I appreciated that she seemed to understand how important it was to me to hear about what happened to them. (Sometimes I feel like the Humane Society treats me as just a house to keep kittens in, rather than a person who really cares about these little babies and wants to make sure they have the best lives possible, so it's good to hear a friendly voice.)

I wasn't too sad this time around--I made sure to have lots of snuggle time with the kitties before I took them to the vet, since I knew it would likely be my last morning with them. I think it's getting easier to give them back. And Hypatia is super glad, because Kate is on vacation this week so she hasn't had anyone else to get affection from while I'm petting kittens. I keep telling her she is welcome to hang out with me AND the kittens, but she's still kind of tense around them.

I did make progress with her and Amelia, though. She didn't seem to mind Amelia too much and would even run around after her like they were playing a chasing game. She still hissed at Charlie, though. I'm glad she didn't completely hate Amelia, because it bodes well for future fosters. Maybe I'll make a kitten-lover out of her yet. Or at least a kitten-friend. Kitten-tolerator?

Charlie had had some poop issues the last week I had them. The vet gave me a medication for it, which Charlie absolutely REFUSED to take--it's liquid, and he would just foam at the mouth and start drooling everywhere, trying to spit it out. Gross kitty. I hope some of it got into his system, though. I also mixed some FiberSure in with their food, since the vet recommended a high-fiber kitten food to help with poop. Those two things seemed to help and he was almost pooping normally at the end of his time with me.

I was still a little worried since he had such a big belleh, though. It seemed overly swollen, not just plump kitten-belly, so I was worried he had some kind of worm issue even though they'd been dewormed already. I took in a stool sample, but honestly I wasn't sure if it was his or Amelia's, since they both bury their poop right after they go (which I am usually very grateful for). It came back negative. The vet wasn't concerned, and there's nothing I can do about it now. He seemed OK otherwise, but, you know. I worry.

Those are two lucky families who got these kittens. Amelia became my constant shoulder-kitty in the last couple of weeks, burrowing into my neck and rubbing her face against mine and generally being irresistible. Charlie liked to sleep next to me, and if I shifted around on the bed, he would move too, so that he was right next to me again. Aw.

I'm not sure how long it will be before I get more kittens, since I might be going on vacation in March to visit Alan. I don't know if I have time to foster another litter before then, since there's no way to tell at the outset how long I'll have them. I'll talk to the HS about it if/when they call me, and see what they think.

Meanwhile Hypatia is being extra sweet and wanting pettings and even purring, which she doesn't do too often. She has taken up nighttime residence on the heated cat bed that I bought for the kittens but which they didn't seem too interested in. Ah well, at least someone is using it! Right now, though, she's mad at me because I ran out of her regular food and gave her some CLEARLY INFERIOR food of a different brand, how dare I.


sleepin' Charlie
Snoozing Charlie.

Tiny Amelia.


2 kittens gone :(

  • Jan. 7th, 2011 at 3:34 PM
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They took two of my kitties away! I went to get them all a checkup today, and since two of them were over two pounds and healthy, they said those two could get surgery and go up for adoption together. I thought they'd want to keep the litter together for socialization purposes, but I guess they just don't want to have ONE kitten by itself, and two for adoption and two to stay with me is fine.

I was kinda surprised and didn't really get a proper goodbye with Wilbur and Ivy May. I felt bad because I spent the morning just sitting on the couch, while I could have been snuggling with them one last time. Ah well. Maybe I'll drive over there on Sunday and check them out. I hope they get adopted together! They were the highest-energy ones of the bunch, so I think they're a good pair.

I miss them already. Ivy May had a great squealy voice and a funny personality, and she was Kate's favorite. Wilbur was a rascal, causing a lot of mischief and escaping every time I opened the door, but he was also a little sweetie and would always want to mash his face into mine affectionately. (Weirdo.) Ivy May had a loud purr and she liked to sleep on me.

I think Charlie and Amelia are kind of sad too. They curled up on each other for the ride home and they looked so small without their bigger siblings. I'm glad I get more time with them. Another week or so at least. I wonder how much they understand about their siblings being gone. I know mama cats will go crazy searching for a lost kitten, but I don't know how much of a bond kittens have to their littermates.

Plus side: Amelia and Charlie will have more space in the cage, and there will be half as much poop for me to clean out of the litter box.

I haven't posted too much about these kittens, and I think it's because they're so healthy--they just run around being adorable all the time, so there's not much to talk about. The last litter had too much to talk about with all their health problems. Sometimes I'm still sad about Zippy, the little girl that didn't make it. She would have made a great cat.

But for now I have two healthy, affectionate kittens to take care of, one of whom is purring on me and the other of whom is trying to eat my arm. Oh kitties.

Ivy May watches the fight
Ivy May watching her siblings fight

upside-down Wilbur
Wilbur bein' cute


  • Dec. 25th, 2010 at 2:33 AM
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Merry Christmas from:

Mr. Charlie Sparrow...

Mr. Wilbur Sparrow...

Miss Amelia Sparrow (with bonus Charlie)...

and last, but never least, Miss Ivy May Sparrow.

Love and purrs to all. ♥

new kittens!

  • Dec. 17th, 2010 at 12:59 AM
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So on Tuesday night, on a whim, I called the Humane Society and left a message asking if they had any kittens for me to foster, since they hadn't called me in a while. They called me the next day--I'm not sure if that was because of my message, or if it was just a coincidence? I dunno. The woman on the phone seemed really jazzed that I wanted more kittens, so maybe they did get the message.

Anyway! Four new little ones! In the back of my head I remembered how when I had my house inspected for fostering, the woman told me I should get only one or two at a time because my room was so small. But I can't TURN DOWN kittens, and besides I had three last time and they did fine. I think four will be OK. Just more litter box cleaning and such.

These are the youngest I've had at one month old(!). (Oliver and Ramona were six weeks, and the last batch was seven, although then they went away for two weeks and came back older.) And they are TINY! I bought a kitchen scale and weighed them all today, and they are all between 1 pound and 1 pound 4 ounces. LITTLE!!

I think four weeks is when the maximum kitten cuteness starts happening. Before that, their ears are still too small and they look kind of alien and weird. Still cute, but weird.

Because they are so young, I was a little afraid that they wouldn't be fully weaned yet and I'd have to bottle feed them or something. The Humane Society people just said to mix wet food with dry food and if they couldn't handle that, to mix some water in. I didn't have to worry--I put down the food and they all dug in ravenously. It's kind of funny to watch because four kitten heads can't fit in the bowl at one time, so one kitten is always fighting for a spot.

There are two brown tabbies, a girl and a boy. The girl is darker and the boy is slightly floofier. Then there's an orange tabby boy, and a SUPER FLOOFY dilute torbie* girl. They all have white on their bellies and paws. They're HEALTHY, which is a relief. (Although I know they could catch a cold or something in the next couple of weeks, it's nice to not have to medicate them and worry about their health.) Because they're healthy and also because they're weaned so young, I have the feeling they were probably born indoors, to a pet cat, instead of outdoors to a feral. I don't know this for sure though--they didn't tell me any backstory when I went to pick them up, and I forgot to ask.

* For those of you who are not cat geeks like I am--a "torbie" is a tortoiseshell (black/orange) with some tabby (striped) markings, and "dilute" means instead of black and orange, you get "blue" (gray) and cream. So, like this. But mine is floofier.

I kept them in the cage for most of today and yesterday, just letting one or two out at a time to sit on my or Kate's lap. They were crying to get out, but I wanted to clean my room and put all the crap at the bottom of my closet into plastic bins. They're so small--I didn't want one of them to get lost in a shoe or something. Plus, plastic bins means I can more thoroughly sanitize things between litters of kittens. So, I got a bunch of those from Target today and put everything in them, and then let the kittens out to roam around. Max was here and he loved playing with them.

[Image description: Four kittens sleeping in a cat bed.]

This is the kittens all conked out. They sleep a LOT and it's very cute. Sometimes they get so thoroughly piled up that I only see two kittens and wonder where the other two are, and then I realize they're at the bottom of the pile.

(This isn't a real polaroid--it was taken with the polaroid camera app on my phone. I'll upload some from my actual camera soon. They're very squirmy and hard to photograph.)

They're all having various degrees of diarrhea/loose stool, which I hope is just from the location change, stress, new food, etc. They tend to cry when they're in the box. :( Poor kittenz, they must be uncomfortable. They're not very good at cleaning themselves yet so the poop gets tracked all over the place. I see much laundry in my future.

So they need names! I am taking suggestions. Here's what I know:

Orange boy (left) - Kinda nervous, cautious, easily spooked. Alert but wary. Will attack everything including other kittens and your hand. Clings TIGHTLY to you if you pick him up, and won't let go (has velcro claws). First one to figure out how to climb to the "second floor" in the cage. Last out of the cage, doesn't mind being in there.

Tabby boy (sprawled across middle of bed) - Adventurous, friendly, mellow. Good pouncing skills. Likes to curl up on your lap and fall asleep. Has a lot of "cat" noises already as opposed to "kitten" noises. (Makes the same "mrrt" sound that Hypatia does when she's annoyed.) Likes to be near people. Sneezes a lot (uh-oh...).

Tabby girl (top left) - Fearless, a climber, talkative. Small but can hold her own in a fight. Has a very loud SCREAM when she's not happy. The smallest and fastest. Her coloring reminds me of vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate sauce on top.

Torbie girl (right) - A real character. Lots of energy, bouncy, pounce-y, feisty. Has short legs and falls over a lot. Sweet too, likes to purr on you. Loves the sparkle ball. Enthusiastic about everything. First out of the cage, hates to be locked in. SO MUCH FLOOF. Has a round cream spot on the top of her gray head.

Kittens!! :D

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