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  • Jul. 9th, 2010 at 3:11 AM
notemily: Photo of me, a white girl in her mid-20s, wearing glasses, smiling, looking up and to the right (Default)

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  • Jul. 8th, 2010 at 3:11 AM
notemily: Photo of me, a white girl in her mid-20s, wearing glasses, smiling, looking up and to the right (Default)

  • 01:11:21: Kitty somehow managed to take her collar off. #sneakycat
  • 01:13:23: RT @IAM_SHAKESPEARE: crown.
  • 01:13:31: .@IAM_SHAKESPEARE amuses me.
  • 01:13:51: RT @IAM_SHAKESPEARE: 1. A lively flourish of trumpets.
  • 02:08:36: RT @mlnga: A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his banana with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. #moviequoteswithbananas
  • 16:55:04: Stormy and sunny. Rainbow weather.
  • 16:59:24: Processed new YA books today, including much manga. I had fun reading the descriptions on the backs. Fronts?
  • 16:59:51: I don't usually go for manga, but I have to admit "High School Debut" looks kind of hilarious.
  • 17:00:12: The tagline is "Who doesn't need a love 'coach' in high school?" Indeed!
  • 17:24:09: Song of the day:
  • 17:54:34: I don't realize how much I rely on my hearing until the white noise of the fan/AC drowns everything out.
  • 17:54:55: Like my phone vibrating to tell me it's time to take a pill, for example, or the kettle boiling on the stove.
  • 17:56:21: It's only 77 degrees out. I think I'll turn the AC off and get my hearing back.
  • 18:28:07: Yes, Paypal, I want to pay with my credit card. Yes, I am aware of the consequences of these actions. I AM BROKE OKAY
  • 18:48:54: Not this again RT @StormTeam4: Tornado Warning in effect for NW Dodge County until 7:00 PM
  • 19:13:20: YAY, archival prints are back at @selflesh! #etsy
  • 19:30:19: LIKE FIVE MONTHS LATER, @WiscHumane finally got back to me to tell me they put the position "on hold." Sigh. At least I wasn't rejected?
  • 19:31:08: .@WiscHumane, I love you, but you're not great at getting back to people within a reasonable timeframe.
  • 19:33:46: Well, there goes plan Get Awesome Job At Humane Society. Next phase: plan Get Other Job Working With Animals.
  • 19:51:44: @jpetroroy Yay for Season 2!
  • 20:14:18: Sooo many emails. The emails never end....
  • 20:16:06: Having a job without health insurance is like having an apartment without heat included. It might SEEM to make/save you more money...
  • 20:16:15: ...but it's A TRAP.
  • 20:18:11: @annaham I got mine out. The pain was pretty bad but I managed to get through it on lots of ibuprofen.
  • 20:18:34: @annaham I'm scared of taking strong painkillers for what they'll do to my stomach, though. YMMV
  • 20:19:42: @LizB Negative ten.
  • 20:52:43: RT @halseanderson: Ever wonder how many signers of the Declaration of Independence got to July 7, 1776 and really wanted to call a do-over?
  • 22:50:55: I don't think it's possible for me to get into TOO much debt, because I hyperventilate if I spend over $100 on any one thing.
  • 22:51:09: Still, I'm glad my credit limit is relatively low.
  • 23:28:10: "Whoa, benzosothyazolonal?" "Do you know what that is?" "...No." #csiny
  • 23:55:21: Hey it's Jack Hodgins as a rare book dealer! #csiny

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