From Twitter 07-11-2010

  • Jul. 12th, 2010 at 3:11 AM
notemily: Photo of me, a white girl in her mid-20s, wearing glasses, smiling, looking up and to the right (leverage - happy parker)

  • 00:00:05: He had a completely different bearing, demeanor etc when he was the painter vs when he was the doctor, never mind the kid.
  • 00:00:28: I even registered the doctor's hair as darker than the painter's. 0_o
  • 13:48:01: Dear #ebay sellers, here's a hint: if you're selling clothes, TELL US WHAT SIZE THEY ARE.
  • 13:52:41: @Dorianisms :D
  • 14:03:11: I am way more likely to order a book on @paperbackswap if it has a pretty cover. #shallowness
  • 14:16:24: Marked as to-read: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
  • 14:17:55: Marked as to-read: Stolen by Lucy Christopher
  • 17:16:41: *wakes up from nap* who am I? what's going on?
  • 17:36:53: RT @TreyStokes: The House of Sand and The Fog #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 17:38:43: RT @iamwritebrained: Chupaca-Brazil #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 17:39:54: RT @mgoldst: @pattonoswalt The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Effect #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 17:42:02: RT @omgitskira: RT @squirrelsunite: Miyazaki's RePonyo: A Genetic Opera #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 17:44:02: RT @xSaintSpawx: @pattonoswalt Lost In Transylvania #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 17:45:32: RT @AbPow: Hostel Rwanda #adorableindiehorrormovies
  • 17:48:37: RT @giantspecks: Kissing Jessica Frankenstein #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 18:49:25: When A Stranger Than Fiction Calls #adorableindiehorrormovies
  • 19:06:10: Everyone in East Milwaukee, stop using taps! #eddieizzard #scaldinghotshower
  • 19:06:17: RT @60th_Street: The Devil's Rejects Wear Prada #AdorableIndieHorrorMovies
  • 19:12:14: @annaham Oh, that's awesome.
  • 20:04:35: Jealous Parker! #Leverage
  • 20:12:15: My parents are having a debate on whether or not flash drives can be plugged into cell phones. #Leverage
  • 20:18:28: OMG, @feedly knows how to open "v" in a new tab now. I LOVE YOU FEEDLY.
  • 20:19:10: "I've got great drugs. Do you want some?" #Leverage
  • 20:59:38: "Well, they're right here. When you want them." #Leverage #squee
  • 21:59:53: I love you Goren. #criminalintent

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