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I'm thinking of doing BEDA (Blog Every Day April), an idea of Maureen Johnson's that seems to have grown into a Thing that other people are doing too. I don't think it'd be too much of a challenge for me to post every day, but making a public post every day might be difficult. I feel safer with that little lock around.

This week's Wacky Wellbutrin Side Effect: I'm not hungry. I eat breakfast, and then I just sort of forget about lunch, and then I'm feeling woozy and strange by dinnertime. It's worrying, but on the other hand it's kind of nice to not worry about how much I'm spending on food.

I've also been craving dairy. I've been partly satisfying this craving by eating a lot of Tofutti mini ice cream sandwiches, but I was practically in tears with longing for a grilled cheese sandwich on Friday. And my stomach is often unhappy with what I do give it. It wants cheese! And real ice cream! And things with cream sauces!

Pondering what to do with my tax return, besides pay off my credit card. It's not enough for a Macbook, which is the only expensive thing I really want right now. I'm thinking a new Lomo, and I should also save some of it, although a large part of me wants to spend it all on spinny skirts and cute shoes and jewelry. Oh, and retro swimsuits. **THINGS** O.O

In other news, I can't listen to anything that isn't Middle Cyclone these days. I want to crawl inside her voice. It's already up there with Blacklisted in terms of quality, and I think I might actually like it better. Time will tell though; right now I'm just in love with every word. I even like the frogs.

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